Week Fourteen Tuesdays Grateful List 

Today I am grateful for choices. I choose to meditate, do my exercises and have a quiet day today. I choose to eat nutritious food. I choose to be grateful for my life. So many people in our world are unable to make choices such as these. We take these choices for granted. 

Today I am grateful that I live in Australia. A country where I am able to make choices. Here are 50 reasons why Australia is the lucky country.

Today I am grateful to be able to choose to use medical care. I read so much on the net about the negative aspects of our medical system and how we can heal our bodies and minds with good food and that modern medicine is poison. I am so grateful for modern medicine. I would have bled to death without modern medicine. I would be in a lot of pain without modern medicine. I would have a useless left arm without modern medicine. I am very grateful for modern medicine and hospitals and doctors. 

Today I am grateful for  technology. I am able to communicate with whoever I like. I am able to find out information quickly and easily. I have so many devices to make my life easier. I love my dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, hairdryer, computer, iPad, phone, and thermomix. ( I would prefer to  do without my iron….). 

Today I am grateful for this magical spring weather. 


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