Week Twelve Thursday’s Grateful List 

Today I am grateful for strong pain relief. The plate and bone graft I had done on Tuesday is a lot more painful than I expected. Panadol does not help at all so I am taking regular endone. It helps. I hope this is very short lived because it is yucky.

Today I am grateful that I did not have this operation 3 months ago. The orthopods who were looking after me at the RBH wanted me to have my arm plated two days after the accident. I do not think my recovery would have been so good if I had added the extra stress and pain onto my already broken body. I am grateful my Dad and David were advocates for me at that time and helped me to make the decision to wait.

Today I am grateful that a very dear friend emailed me last night. I had not heard from her in a while and was worried about her. It was a lovely heartfelt email and I send my love and prayers to her today. 

Today I am grateful that I can shower myself, dry my own hair and get dressed on my own. Once again it is taking me longer to do because of the latest surgery but I have all day to do it! 

Today I am grateful that we have enough money to be able to afford help at home. I have cleaners making my house sparkle today and gardeners making my garden beautiful.


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