Day 18

I think today is Monday. I love a holiday where I really have to think about what day it is. We caught the bus to Monaco today. The bus ride was fantastic – it drove along the Basse Corniche and took about 45 minutes. Once we got to Monaco we walked along the edge of the marina. It was a morning of contrasts. A bus ride and then a marina filled with the most amazing boats I have ever seen !!



Lucy also seemed to enjoy admiring these big boats.

Looking at all this wealth was tiring and we needed lunch. We stopped in at the Hotel Hermitage Terrace for a sandwich. It was the most beautiful hotel and had beautiful views over the harbor.

Nick seemed very comfortable to stop here for lunch.

After lunch we wandered up to the Monte Carlo Casino. On the way we walked up the road that has the most famous corner of the Monaco Grand Prix. The harbor was filled with the most expensive boats. The road was filled with the most expensive cars. The streets were filled with the most expensive shops.
The casino.

The cars.


The shops.

In the afternoon there were more contrasts. Little boats were racing in the harbour.

We caught the train back to Nice in the afternoon.
The day finished with a meal at a Michelin Star restaurant called Le Bistro Gourmand. It was spectacular.
What a special day!

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  1. Cass George says:

    The Tucker children will cherish the exquisite, enriched memories of these locations Jen.
    We are blessed to be able to share such gifts with our children .

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