Day 4 and 5

Today we spent the morning wandering some of the streets of Paris. We went to Le Bon Marche a beautiful department store that had a Grande Epicure. It had a wonderful display of all sorts of food – cheese, meat, wine, bread and pastries. We then went to the area Germaine des Pres and had lunch. The afternoon was spent in the Montmatre area and looking through the Sacre Coeur .




We finished the day on the Eiffel Tower. Lucy was thrilled we actually went up the Eiffel Tower.


Day 5 we spent at Palace of Versailles. We spent all day here today. The queues were huge! We started in the garden, went to Marie Antoinette’s modest abode and then back to the Palace. The children I think now understand why the masses wanted to cut off the heads of the aristocracy. Their lifestyle definitely appeared excessive.

We discovered that our lovely friends the Lentons were also in Paris. We have not managed to catch up with them in Brisbane for quite a few months but managed a beautiful dinner with them in Paris.



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  1. cass george says:

    Oh Jen – so very familiar and wonderful! Thrilled your precious family is soaking up all that is beautiful Paris!!
    MIssing you on the Watt bike.

  2. Phillip says:

    Great posts Jen…keep them coming. Have fun, stay safe

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